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Higher Education Courses

Access to Higher Education – Level 3 Nursing, Midwifery or Health Professionals

This could be an exciting beginning to the rest of your life! We offer a life-changing academic preparatory course to progress to university-level study.

Course overview

Offering an alternative route to traditional A Levels, the course has many different methods of teaching and assessment with an emphasis on building confidence and skills.

Our achievement rates for our Access to Higher Education Diploma are among the top in the UK and the course has successfully launched many adult students into a variety of careers.

Our teachers and tutors understand the specific concerns and difficulties encountered by people returning to full-time education after a break, and students also gain a great deal of support from other members of the group.

The course boosts students’ self confidence and opens their minds to new areas of interest.

Key facts:

Qualifications: Three Diplomas are offered (subject to numbers)

  • Level 3 in Access to Higher Education Diploma (Health Professionals)
  • Level 3 in Access to Higher Education Diploma (Nursing)
  • Level 3 in Access to Higher Education Diploma (Midwifery)

Duration: 34 Weeks

Attendance: Full-time