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Award in Safe Application of pesticides using self-propelled, mounted, trailed horizontal boom sprayers

Course Content:

This course covers the legislative and safety regulations relating to the application equipment, assessment of environment factors, interpretation of product information, calibration of applicator, the operation of the equipment and post operational procedures. Prior to registration to this course candidates must hold the safe use and application of pesticides PA1.

Level 2 If your job involves applying pesticides in a commercial role then you are legally required by the Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations (2012) to take this qualification. This qualification is designed specifically for those who wish to apply pesticides using various types of handheld applicators

By the end of the course you can expect to be able to do the following

  • Be able to assess the environmental factors relating to the mixing and application site
  • Be able to read and interpret product information
  • Be able to prepare and calibrate the applicator
  • Be able to operate the application equipment
  • Know how to carry out post-operational procedures

You should:

  • Be familiar with the machinery, equipment and tools that they are going to use.
  • You will need to provide your own personal protective equipment and this must comply with up to date legal requirements. E.G. Coveralls – level 5 or 6, Rubber gloves, Wellington boots or waterproof footwear and a full protection face shield. You will need to wear protective gloves when driving the tractor and this will be wiped down between use.
  • Be prepared to have a photo, which will be on your qualification card on completion of successful assessment and certification.
  • Be prepared to come back to college for the assessment, which is 1.5 -2.5 hours.

The tutor will supply: Necessary equipment & paperwork and documentation for the course

About the tutor: All our tutors are well qualified and experienced in the agriculture and forestry industry.

What’s next? In this qualification there are 6 additional units, these are listed below and all require separate training and assessment if required by the end user. Information regarding these is available on request: –

  • Operating pedestrian hand held applicators fitted with hydraulic nozzles or rotary atomisers to apply pesticides near to water unit 152 (PA6AW)
  • Operating Pedestrian Hand Held Applicators to Apply Pesticide Pellets or Granules to Land (unit 153 PA6G)
  • Operating Pedestrian Hand Held Applicators to Apply Pesticide Pellets or Granules near to water (unit 154 PA6GW)
  • Installing Pesticide Plugs in Tree Stumps (Unit 155, PA6PP)
  • Operating hand-held Injection Equipment (unit 156) (PA6INJ)
  • Operating Other Hand-Held Applicators Requiring Minimal Calibration (unit 157 PA6MC)