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BSL Sign Language – Intermediate

Key Facts:
Tutor: Sue Hall
Location: Oswestry Campus, Oswestry College, Shrewsbury Road, Oswestry, SY11 4QB
Dates: Monday 17th January – Monday 28th March 2022 (10 sessions) // No class: Monday 20th February 2022
Time: 18.00 – 20.00
Cost: £136

Course Content

Have you considered brushing up your British Sign Language skills? Then look no further, your British Sign language classes are taught by a Deaf tutor here at North Shropshire College.

Aims: This course is designed to enable you to develop an ability to communicate with Deaf people using BSL in a range of familiar contexts, participating in longer and more open conversation than at a beginner’s course. The course will develop functional communication in BSL about a range of real life, routine and daily experiences. You will be able to deal with more routine language tasks and have sufficient grasp of grammar to cope with some non – routines tasks.

Course information: This course is divided into three units, and you are required to be able to achieve a good attendance record and learning. You will receive a college certificate at the end of your course. This is not an externally accredited course.

BSL 201- develops your receptive skills: This unit covers topics linked to meeting Deaf people. You will learn how to receive and understand specific information and instructions, and how to understand description, explanations and statements. And everyday conversations.

BSL 202– develops your productive skills: This unit covers topics to help you when you’re signing with a Deaf person. You will learn how to use simple structures and phrases and use BSL appropriate to the context of the discussion. Understand how to use role-play, while using a conversation based on the theme that your tutor has chosen.

BSL 203– Develops your conversational skills BSL: This unit covers topics to help you converse with a Deaf person. You will learn how to understand routine questions and responses, requests and views and understand the main points of routine conversations.


  • Work with other peer members of your group
  • Hold conversations with your tutor.
  • Recognise what it is like “Living in a Silent World”.

About the tutor: Sue Hall is an experienced practitioner and teacher of British sign Language, who is passionate about sharing her skills so that more people feel confident to communicate with the deaf community.