Italian Intermediate

Course code: H40E107
Type: Part Time
Duration: 10 weeks
Location: Hereford
Fee: Additional Costs - £5.00,FE Tuition - £80.00

About the course

This progression course is designed for learners with a reasonable grounding in the target language. It aims to further extend the range of vocabulary available to the student and to improve conversational and reading skills in particular. This will be done through the use of activities designed to improve spoken skills such as role-play, discussion and dialogue, as well as photocopied texts. You will learn how to use the language more accurately and fluently in a range of situations, requiring the use of present, past, and future tenses. These and other aspects of grammar will be reinforced during the lessons. A recommended course book will be used as background for these courses and optional homework will be set after each class.

What you could do next

You may choose to continue to attend the Intermediate course to further consolidate your learning.

Key facts

Dates TBC. Tuesday/Wednesday evenings TBC