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HLC offers a wide range of language courses, designed to suit different learning requirements, at levels from beginner to intermediate.

Although these courses are not certificated by an awarding body you will receive a certificate of attendance from HLC. Currently, courses are offered in the following languages:

French, Spanish, Italian & German

We have an excellent team of tutors, some of whom are native speakers of the target language.

See also: English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Non English language courses are organised as follows:

  • Taster – For complete beginners with no prior knowledge of the target language.
  • Foundation – For those who have completed the taster course or who have any prior, but limited, knowledge of the target language.
  • Improvers –  This course is for the learner who has acquired the basics of the language, gained confidence through recent practice and who wishes to develop further skills in the chosen language.
  • Intermediate – This level is for learners who have acquired the ability to communicate fairly confidently in simple everyday language and who wish to further extend their competence, by using their speaking and reading skills in a wide range of situations.