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Motor vehicle City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma

Level 3

Course code: M10D106
Type: Full Time
Duration: 1 year
Subject area: Motor vehicle
Location: Walford
Fee: Additional Costs - £210.00,Examination - £100.00,FE Tuition l3 - £5,111.00

About the course

Our fully-equipped workshops are some of the largest in the region. You will explore the world of diagnostics, oscilloscopes, wave patterns, air conditioning and electric vehicle repair. You will also look at caster, camber, KPI, ABS, 4-wheel alignment, Lambda, knock and camshaft sensors whilst understanding the reasons for lead lag and BTDC. Training in hybrid electric and air conditioning systems is included.

Why choose us

There is a growing need for skilled technicians and competent motor vehicle and related engineers. The course is designed to give you higher level skills and knowledge in a friendly and welcoming environment. You will gain transferable skills to help you work in the auto care and related industries or progress into higher education. The course includes trips and industry workshops to further enhance your knowledge.

What you could do next

Engineering, Motorsport or related disciplines. Employment technician or engineer in related industries, armed forces or marine.

Popular modules

  • Transmission Systems Diagnosis, Rectification & Faults

  • Auxiliary Electrical Systems Diagnosis, Rectification & Faults

  • Engine Systems, Diagnosis, Rectification & Faults

  • Light Vehicle Chassis System, Diagnosis, Rectification & Faults

Assessment methods

Assessment will be via online Exams & practical assessments