Full-Time & A Level Courses

French A Level

Level 3

Course code: AG3365K
Type: Full Time
Duration: 2 years
Location: Ludlow
Fee: Additional Costs - £20.00,FE Tuition l3 - £1,967.00

About the course

In developing the knowledge and skills you acquired at GCSE, you will achieve greater ?uency, accuracy and confidence in the language as it is spoken as well as written. As well as improving your communication skills, you will gain a valuable insight into another culture.

Why choose us

Weekly one-to-one tutorials with native speaker of French. Insight into contemporary France. Cultural visit to France. 100% pass rate achieved since 2015.

What you could do next

French is considered a facilitating subject and is highly regarded by top universities. In higher education it may be combined with Linguistics, Law, IT, Business Studies, European Studies, International Relations, Economics, Engineering or another language, leading to a wide range of career options.

Popular modules

  • French society

  • French Film/French Literature

  • Immigration

  • Multicultural France