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Herefordshire College open as normal Tuesday 12th March 2024

Student Accommodation

Walford College offers high-quality residential accommodation on site.

Priority is given to students on land-based courses for whom daily travel presents particular problems.  

The accommodation includes single study bedrooms, some ensuite and some with washbasins.  


Each residence has a small kitchen with facilities that allow students to prepare hot food and drinks, or they have the option of using the large communal kitchen in the Social Centre. Meals can be taken in the Refectory Monday – Friday. 

Included in the fees is a six-meal package which includes three evening meals and three meal cards to use for lunch or breakfast per week. All other meals are paid for separately using cash/card. 

Students with specific dietary requirements need to discuss their specific requirements with the Catering Manager. 

Where possible, students under the age of 18 years are accommodated in separate halls, on separate corridors or separate floors. 


Accommodation Fees for 2023-2024 are not yet available but as a guide, the cost of accommodation for the current 2022-2023 academic year is: 

  • £3,970 for a standard room (36 weeks)
  • £4,674 for an ensuite room (36 weeks).

Please note the fees are for accommodation from Sunday night to Thursday night inclusive (five nights). Accommodation is for term-time only and accommodation is not normally offered at weekends, half term or any of the vacation periods.

All applications received are placed on a waiting list and the process of offering accommodation to students usually starts in July each year. 

Welfare and Safeguarding

In addition to the Accommodation and Welfare Manager, Activity and Welfare Officers and Tutors, the College has a Designated Senior Person with safeguarding responsibilities who can be contacted directly about personal problems or concerns.  

The campus has CCTV and all residences have doors with computerised access systems and access is strictly controlled. 

How to apply

Please complete the Accommodation Application form selecting your preference of accommodation and return it to the Accommodation and Welfare Manager at the address printed on the form. 

Your name will then be put on the ‘Accommodation Offers’ waiting list. This waiting list is ordered in priority as per the allocation criteria in the Allocation of Residential Accommodation Policy. 

The process of allocation and firm offers of accommodation starts at the beginning of July so if you are planning to be away during July or August please include this information on the form. All offers are time-sensitive with a deadline for acceptance. 

If you decide that you no longer want accommodation at any time in this process, please let the Accommodation and Welfare Manager know so others on the waiting list may be offered a room. 

For further information please read the attached Accommodation Booklet or contact the Accommodation and Welfare Manager on 01939 262126 or by email 


students in their dorm rooms together