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Fees Guidance

Read the pages in this section for advice on fees, bursaries, loans, fee reductions and finance for higher education courses. 

When you’re offered a place on a course, this is conditional on payment of the appropriate charges at enrolment. These charges are shown alongside the relevant courses but these are for guidance only and can change.

Please call our Enquiries Team on0800 032 1986 or email to find out the relevant costs and any other information.

Non-Funded Courses (Full Cost)

For courses where no government funding is available, full fees will apply to all learnersNo reductions or bursaries are available for these courses. 

Government Funded Courses

For students who enrol on their further education funded course before their 19th birthday there are no tuition or examination fees to pay. Additional costs (see below) may apply. 

If you are aged 19 or over at the start of your course then tuition fees will vary. Additional costs (see below) may apply. 

As everyone has individual circumstances the best way to work out the fees relevant to you is to contact our Enquiries Team. 

If you’re over 19 you may be entitled to reduced course fees depending on your individual circumstances – see Fee Reductions for Adults. 

We welcome learners from other countries (however we do not have Tier 4 student sponsorship status) and have attracted learners from all over the world, including Australia, China, USA and many European countries.   

Separate fees apply for overseas learners. To find out more please contact our Enquiries Team. 

Some courses may charge additional costs for extras that help maximise your learning experience and which are essential to your study programme. They can include costs of essential books, equipment, specialist clothing, field trips and other learning resources / materials. 


For certain courses, eligible students may be able to take out a non-means-tested tuition fee loan to cover the cost of their tuition fees, which means you won’t have to pay your fees upfront. However, additional costs will still be payable and are not covered by the loan.   

You only start repaying the loan if you are earning more than a certain amount.    

See ‘Financial help and reduced fees’ on this page for support that may be available to help with additional costs and other expenses. 

See also our information on FE Advanced Learner Loans.

Are you a student studying a higher education (HE) course? See our page on Finance for Higher Education. – see the government’s advice on repaying your student loan for the most up-to-date information. 


  • A course may not start unless enough students enrol to make it viable 
  • Classes may be cancelled if numbers fall below minimum required. 
  • HLNSC reserves the right to alter or cancel courses or parts of courses without prior notice 
  • The Principal’s decision is final as to whether or not a student may be enrolled for any particular class or course. 

Classes need to be viable in order to run. If there are not enough students, a full refund will be paid. Refunds for any other reason may be granted in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the College.

Student Fee Recovery and Refund Policy (PDF download)

For advice on bursary funds and grants see our page on Financial Support. 

If you’re over 19 you may be entitled to reduced course fees depending on your individual circumstances – see Fee Reductions for Adults. 

You may also be able to pay your fees in instalments depending on the cost of your course – read more on our Make a Payment page. 

If you are struggling with financial hardship extra help may be available so you can continue your studies. Please call our Enquiries Team for a confidential discussion. You can also read the government’s advice about getting extra help.   

Further information

 Visit our page on financial support 

Read about student finance, loans, grants, bursaries and paying back loans on the government’s student finance page. 

Read more on the government’s Skills for Life website. 

Follow Student Finance England or Student Finance Wales on Facebook or Twitter to take part in student finance Q&A sessions. 

Student Finance England Facebook and Twitter 

Student Finance Wales Facebook and Twitter 

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