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Hereford University Centre

An educational and cultural hub, aiming to raise educational aspirations

Run in partnership with the University of Worcester, the Centre acts as an educational and cultural hub, aiming to raise educational aspirations in Herefordshire and encourage increased participation in higher education. The vision is to: 

  1. Become a vibrant centre for encouraging aspiration and increasing knowledge about higher education 
  2. Encourage increased participation in higher education, particularly by individuals who previously might otherwise not have considered higher education 
  3. Contribute to Herefordshire’s vibrant educational and cultural hub centred on Folly Lane 
  4. Create a highly visible manifestation of the long-established, successful partnership work to promote and provide higher education, between Herefordshire, Ludlow & North Shropshire College and the University of Worcester. 

The centre will also provide all higher education-orientated careers information as well as a calendar of events and activities for the local community. 

The Hereford University Centre offers existing students and members of the public the following services: 

  • Information, advice and guidance to all 
  • Events available to all 

The Hereford University Centre is also able to assist groups, for example: organisations and businesses, including third sector. For those who have a specific educational need, there is an opportunity to discuss options about putting on an event to meet your needs. 

At the core of the Centre is the HUC Coordinator who facilitates a range of talks, lectures and activities aimed at involving the community at the College. Though these will all be on varied subjects, they offer you the opportunity to get a feel of what university lectures might be like and how you can be inspired by the expansion of ideas and theories. 

The Centre is also a good first point of contact for anyone with questions and queries about higher education, such as: 

  • What course or subject area is right for me? 
  • How can I study higher education locally? 
  • How do I write a UCAS application and statement? 
  • What financial support is available? 
  • What are tariff points? 
  • How do I prepare for an interview? 
  • Where can I study my chosen subject? 
  • What is student life like? 
  • Where is the Hereford University Centre? 

Students from all walks of life choose to study at the College’s Hereford Campus based at Folly Lane, which houses specialist facilities for over twenty different industry sectors and a Learning Resource Centre for a diverse range of students and career directions. For visitors to the Hereford University Centre the Campus provides the ideal environment to explore the prospect of higher education and experience what university-level study could be like.

The Hereford University Centre has a mixture of public lectures, research seminars and stage performance running throughout the year. 

View our past events

If you have any questions or queries please contact the Student HUB. 


Telephone:01432 352235 

Write to: 
Hereford University Centre 
Herefordshire College 
Folly Lane 

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