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Herefordshire College open as normal
Herefordshire College open as normal Tuesday 12th March 2024

Recreation & Activities

As well as your learning college life is also about having fun and taking part in new activities

We call this ‘enrichment’ – because it’s about all those extras that make your experience here even richer!

Taking part in enrichment activities is a great way to take a break, have fun, and keep mentally and physically fit. It can also help you develop skills that will help in your working life, like better communication, problem solving, decision making, time management and creativity.

What's on offer at Holme Lacy?

Enrichment can be anything from weekly sessions to one-off activities and trips.  

  • Mini Taster sessions – Opportunity for students studying any course to have a mini taster session of other courses available, whether it be stepping inside the Forge to see the Blacksmiths at work or a up close lesson on how to lead a horse correctly. 
  • Animal café – All students are welcome at the Animal Café to give them the opportunity to see all the animals up close and to hold them should they wish, whilst supplied with refreshments! 
  • Arts and crafts activities – from making Christmas decorations to making toys for the animals on the unit. 
  • Trips – from Drayton Manor theme park to the Royal Welsh show. There is an array of trips we encourage the students to sign up for. We also have amazing trips oversees such as the Marine Conservation Turtle project for 10 days in Greece. 
  • Careers fairs – highlighting to students’ opportunities for their future and where their course could take them such as University or local business they could work for. 
  • Sporting and group activities – badminton, bowling, table tennis or silent disco’s great opportunities for all students to mingle. 
  • Competitions – students have the opportunity to entre competitions all over the country such as the National Blacksmithing Competition (NBCC) and the Master and Apprentice Farriery Competition.
Students learning the different techniques when riding the horse in the arena