Full-Time & A Level Courses

History A Level

Level 3

Course code: AG3373K
Type: Full Time
Duration: 2 years
Location: Ludlow
Fee: Additional Costs - £20.00,FE Tuition l3 - £1,967.00

About the course

A Level History allows students to study medieval and modern British, European and World History in depth. Historians are like detectives – using evidence to interpret what happened and understand why. You will have to be able to evaluate evidence, decide how useful it is and come to conclusions based on what you have studied and discovered

Why choose us

Talks on topics such as the establishment of the Soviet Union and soldiers’ experiences in WW1. An opportunity to carry out an in- depth, authoritative piece of research on a topic of your choice. Considered a facilitating subject. 100% pass rate achieved since 2015.

What you could do next

A Level History is one of the ‘facilitating’ A Levels and provides a wide range of options for university – History, of course, but also degrees in subjects such as Business, Economics, History and English, English, Journalism, Art History, Politics or Law.

Popular modules

  • The personality of Stalin.

  • The building of the Berlin Wall.

  • Trench warfare on the Western Front during WWI.

  • The Nazis and the Holocaust.

Assessment methods

Assessment will be via 3 external written Exams