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Hospitality & catering Level 3 service supervision

Level 3

Course code: H20D140
Type: Full Time
Duration: 1 year
Subject area: Hospitality & Catering
Location: Hereford
Fee: Additional Costs - £95.00,Examination - £100.00,FE Tuition l3 - £2,388.00

About the course

The candidates are given the opportunity to learn, develop and practise the skills required for employment and/or career progression. You will practise your supervisory skills within the Cider Orchard restaurant at the College. The qualification covers all aspects of food and beverage service and skills can be fully developed using the fully equipped restaurant. Food service is tailored to a high standard, ensuring a smooth transition into employment or higher education. A period of work experience is factored into the course which further enhances your skills and experience.

Why choose us

With our extensive gastronomic practice and proven excellence, the College is committed to innovation and high performance in hospitality and catering. Students benefit from learning in the prestigious Cider Orchard Restaurant, where they receive high-quality training and development that prepares them to excel in the industry.

What you could do next

Team leader, junior manager and supervisor. This qualification may also lead to appropriate managerial qualifications.

Popular modules

  • Supervise Food and Beverage Service

  • Barista Skills

  • Prepare and Serve Wines

  • Principles of Promoting Food and Beverage Services and Products

Assessment methods

Assessment will be via online Exams & practical assessments