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Pottery and Ceramics Thursday PM (Shrewsbury)

Course code: M16P200
Type: Short Courses
Duration: 6 Weeks
Location: Gateway Adult Education Centre
Additional Costs - £20.00,FE Tuition - £119.00

About the course

These courses offer instruction and practice in pottery skills from the beginning, but will take any previous knowledge into account and teach to higher levels as appropriate

Why choose us

Shropshire Community Learning has an excellent reputation for delivering enjoyable, informative and interesting community learning courses. These enable students to develop or enhance their skills, leading to better job prospects, finding new friends and improving their self confidence and self esteem.

What you could do next

Students will be encouraged to develop their skills in further courses offered

Popular modules

By the end of the course you can expect to be able to do the following

  • Achieved an acceptable standard in hand building skills

  • Start, or improve skills throwing on the wheel, if wished

  • Understand the effect of kiln firings

  • Learn about the current and traditional potters in the art world

Key facts

You will need:

Apron/overall, notebook/sketchbook, cheap water colour brushes, clingfilm, a large sponge, a paint scraper and masking tape for those who cannot remove rings

After the absolute beginner stage, potters often find it convenient to make or buy their own cutting wire and a few chosen tools for the kind of making and decorating styles they choose.

More experienced potters may like to buy their own Chinese or Japanese style rounded brushes, which hold more moisture when decorating on absorbent surfaces and provide a greater variety of marks.

Please consult me regarding compatibility before buying any colours.

Course dates:

6th June 2024 – 11th July 2024

Assessment methods

Ongoing assessment by tutor and self

Entry requirements