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Full-Time & A Level Courses

Sociology A Level

Level 3

Course code: AG3376K
Type: Full Time, A Level & T Level > A Level
Duration: 2 years
Subject area: A Levels,Humanities & Social Sciences
Location: Ludlow
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About the course

Sociology is the scientific study of human behaviour and life chances; for instance why people behave as they do, and why some individuals have different life outcomes compared with others. It will help you to understand the world around you, how societies work, the causes of social problems and their potential solutions.

Why choose us

Students consistently achieve very good grades. Sociology is delivered in a lively and interactive way, with much focus being on class discussion and working in pairs and small groups. 100% pass rate achieved since 2015.

What you could do next

Sociology is an excellent foundation for degrees including Sociology, Criminology, Media, Geography and History and could aid pathways to degrees such as Law, Business Management, Journalism, and medical and nursing professions. Sociology is highly relevant for any degrees that involve interaction with individuals – including medical degrees.

Popular modules

  • Families and Households

  • Education

  • Crime and Deviance

  • Beliefs in Society

Assessment methods

Assessment will be via 3 external written Exams

Entry requirements

A minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade 4 (grade C), to include at least grade 4 (grade C) in English Language.