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Sport and Exercise Science Level 3

Level 3

Course code: L08D111
Type: Full Time
Duration: 2 years
Subject area: Sport
Location: North Shropshire
Fee: Additional Costs - £100.00,Examination - £138.00,FE Tuition - £2,644.00

About the course

This qualification aims to provide you with the specialist knowledge, skills and understanding relating to the sport and physical activity sector, in areas such as exercise, health and lifestyle and preparing for a career in sport. These can be applied to your current or future aspirations of higher education or employment in a variety of roles.

Why choose us

Sport is a very popular course, due to its practical nature. Academically it covers a wide range and variety of units. It has excellent pass rates with high grades and a high level of progression to Level 3. Students feel that they have good tutor support to support their progress.

What you could do next

Degree in Sport and Exercise Science, Sport and Leisure, Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy, Teaching. Apprenticeships or job in various sectors within sport and physical activity. NGB coaching awards.

Popular modules

  • Exercise, Health and Lifestyle

  • Preparing for a Career in Sport and Physical Activity

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Practical Sport

Assessment methods

Assessment will be through a number of coursework assignments