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Herefordshire College open as normal
Herefordshire College open as normal Tuesday 12th March 2024

The Gateway Adult and Community Education Centre Facilities

The Gateway, Shrewsbury is a purpose-built centre for education and the arts

The Gateway Centre in Shrewsbury is a purpose-built education hub with a significant role in the Herefordshire Ludlow and North Shropshire College (HLNSC) community. It serves as the primary location for HLNSC to deliver a wide array of community learning courses, enriching the educational landscape of the area. Additionally, it is home to County Training Apprenticeships, a vital component of the HLNSC Group, which plays a pivotal role in vocational education and workforce development.

Beyond its central educational mission, HLNSC extends its reach throughout Shropshire, offering courses not only at the Gateway Centre but also at various other centres and primary schools in the region. This widespread presence reflects their commitment to providing accessible education to diverse communities.

The Gateway Centre is not only a place of learning but also a welcoming space for the community. The ground floor features a delightful coffee shop, providing a perfect setting for students and visitors to relax and socialise. Moreover, the Centre showcases captivating gallery displays, which include items available for purchase. These displays are overseen by the SADAA (Shrewsbury Academy of Decorative Arts Association), contributing to the overall vibrancy and cultural enrichment of the Centre.

Accessibility is a priority at the Gateway Centre, with facilities designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities. The building features accessible infrastructure to ensure everyone can fully participate in its educational and community offerings. Additionally, there is dedicated disabled parking within the Centre’s car park, making it convenient for all visitors.

In essence, the Gateway Centre in Shrewsbury stands as an essential institution, fostering education, community engagement, and cultural enrichment, with a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility at its core.

Building accessibility

  • There are a range of facilities including lifts to all floors, wide corridors and electrical opening entrance doors 
  • There are 3 Disabled Parking Spaces 
  • The building has accessibility via a ramp 
  • An accessible lift is available 
  • Hearing Loops are available in Reception and all designated classrooms.  
  • The main outside pathways are all DDA-compliant 
  • Accessible Toilets are available on the ground floor 
  • We have Evacuation Chairs in case of lift failure. 
A landscape shot of The Gateway Education and Arts centre building