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Applied science (biomedical) BTEC Level 3

Level 3

Course code: L15D101
Type: Full Time
Duration: 2 years
Subject area: Sciences
Location: North Shropshire
Fee: Additional Costs - £50.00,Examination - £223.65,FE Tuition l3 - £7,121.35

About the course

This course develops your understanding of scientific theory, coupled with experimental techniques that help you to be successful in either employment or at university. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to perform a variety of biology and chemistry related experimental work, learn how to work safely within a laboratory environment, and use maths and statistics to analyse experimental data.

Why choose us

The course teaches the foundations of science to allow you to succeed in higher education and the scientific industry. You will develop transferable skills that will aid you in your career. You will learn about medical research and scientific discoveries. The course goes beyond theory and investigates scientific roles and prepares you for involvement in research.

What you could do next

University degrees, including Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Forensic Science, Nursing, Zoology. Employment options include: laboratory technician, healthcare and crime scene analyst.

Popular modules

  • Biomedical Science

  • Forensic Evidence, Collection &Analysis

  • Diseases and infection

  • Microbiology

Assessment methods

Assessments will be via an Exam, controlled assessment & written assignments