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Environmental Science A Level

Level 3

Course code: AG3344K
Type: Full Time
Duration: 2 years
Subject area: A Levels,Sciences
Location: Ludlow
Fee: Additional Costs - £20.00

This charge identified is applicable to learners aged 16-18 who qualify for funding. Learners aged 19+ will have to pay this charge and possibly tuition and exam fees. This will depend on the course and any prior qualifications. For further information, please refer to the fees page of our website https://hlnsc.ac.uk/fees/fees-guidance/

* Fees are chargeable each year and the fees quoted will be for the current year only, if the course is more than 1 year further fees will be due next year.

About the course

Environmental Science is the study of how humans interact with our planet. First, we investigate wildlife and habitats, delving into the threats to life on Earth, and how we can save life on our planet. We also examine impacts on the physical and chemical cycles of Earth. It covers a broad scope of topics, from saving animals to global pollution, all extremely relevant to anyone living on Earth and wishing to survive for the foreseeable future.

Why choose us

Field trips for ecological practical surveying, both local and further afield. The possibility of a trip abroad in the second year. Varied, interesting and exciting teaching techniques, projects and practical sessions throughout the course. 100% pass rate achieved since 2015.

What you could do next

Environmental Science provides an ideal base for degrees in Environmental Management, Conservation, Environmental Science, Forestry, Countryside Management, Geography, Geology, other sciences, and teaching. Students also progress directly into employment or apprenticeships.

Popular modules

  • Wildlife and Conservation

  • Ecological Practical Investigations

  • Sustainable Futures

  • Agriculture

Assessment methods

Assessment will be via 2 external written exams