Full-Time & A Level Courses

Geography A Level

Level 3

Course code: AG3387K
Type: Full Time
Duration: 2 years
Location: Ludlow
Fee: Additional Costs - £150.00,FE Tuition l3 - £2,075.00

About the course

Geography develops an understanding of the processes that have shaped the Earth. It is identified by selective universities as one of the A Level subjects they prefer applicants to have studied.

Why choose us

Fieldwork is a major part of the course; we study our local area as well as travelling further afield to visit mountainous and urban locations. 100% pass rate achieved since 2015.

What you could do next

Geography is considered a facilitating subject and is highly regarded by top universities. With about 80 universities offering geography degrees across the UK, there is a wide range of choice. Universities generally provide courses in both Physical (BSc) and Human (BA) Geography.

Popular modules

  • Hazardous Earth – the study of tectonics, volcanic and earthquake risk and the impacts for people living in hazardous environments.

  • Exploring Oceans – resources, ocean currents, climate change impacts and geopolitics of oceanic territories.

  • NEA – a wholly independent coursework element building skills for higher education.

  • Earth’s Life Support Systems – understanding water and carbon cycles, the processes and possibilities for changing agricultural, energy and industrial systems to preserve resources and create holistic solutions for the future in food production, energy production and industry.

Assessment methods

Assessment will be via 3 external written Exams