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Apprentices celebrating T-Levels

T-Levels Celebrated During National Apprenticeship Week

T-Levels: Meet the workforce of the future.

Now is the time for employers to invest in the future workforce with T-Levels!

A new qualification developed in collaboration with employers, T-Levels are an excellent alternative to A Levels, apprenticeships or other courses.

They are vocational, technical and hands-on, lasting two years and are equivalent to three A Levels. T-Levels include a mixture of classroom-based learning and industry placements where students can gain practical skills and knowledge.

During each course, T-Level students complete an industry placement that lasts a minimum of 315 hours (approximately 45 days).

Industry placements provide a unique opportunity to help develop new talent in workplaces and get young people work-ready.

Industry placements are a shift from traditional work experience to a longer, more structured placement in the workplace. The aim is for young people to develop real work skills and make a meaningful contribution to their chosen organisations.

T-Level industry placements are a free government scheme – employers don’t need to pay to take on a T-Level student for a placement.

Interested in studying a T-Level? You can browse our courses and find more information about the different subjects HERE

If you are a local employer interested in providing work placements to T-Level students, please contact our Industry Placement Officer at to find out more!

We’re not only educating students; we’re cultivating the future workforce, equipped and ready for success.


Apprentices celebrating T-Levels