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Herefordshire College open as normal
Herefordshire College open as normal Tuesday 12th March 2024

Current Projects

Low carbon, renewable technologies

As part of the Marches Education Partnership, HLNSC group is set to offer the very best training in sustainable technologies including electric vehicles, solar, ground and air source heat pumps and more. 

We’ll be supporting local industries by identifying skills gaps, upskilling the current workforce and tailoring courses to meet the changing landscape. 

Thanks to funding recently secured by the Partnership, HLNSC, alongside partners including Telford College and Shrewsbury Colleges Group among others, will be offering training in a range of technologies including electric vehicles, solar PV, solar thermal, ground and air source heat pumps, underfloor heating, water harvesting and more. 

The Marches Education Partnership is a collaboration of education and training organisations working together on ambitious new skills-boosting projects. 

To keep up to date about the courses on offer please follow: @TheMarchesEducationPartnership on Facebook and Linkedin 

For more specific information or enquiries, please email a member of the team on 

One male teacher smiling, two female students smiling in a classroom environment at Ludlow College