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ex animal management student treats a dog as part of work experience in a vets

Animal Management Student’s Success at Border Vets

Walford College is delighted to reveal that ex- Animal Management student, Ffion, is flourishing in her role at Border Vets in Oswestry.

Here is Ffion’s story…

“Whilst studying for my Animal Management Level 3 qualification at Walford College,  I spent one day a week doing voluntary work at Border veterinary practice in Oswestry.

This led to a 2-week work placement which was an amazing experience. I thoroughly enjoyed learning many aspects of the veterinary industry and found this time extremely fascinating. As a result of this experience, I instantly knew where I wanted to be career-wise.

The practice offered me a full-time job as a kennel assistant once I had achieved my Level 3 qualification. My duties included ensuring a high level of cleanliness throughout the consult rooms, prep room, theatre and X-ray room. I was also responsible for ensuring surgical equipment was cleaned and sterilised.

Another aspect of the role was restraining animals for various non- anaesthetic procedures such as health examinations, nail clips, anal gland expressions, cannulation, blood samples, Physical examinations, Ultrasound scans etc.

Last year I had the opportunity to complete a dispensary course. This allowed me to dispense medication to our patients, prescribed by the Vets.

I am now on the VCA (veterinary care assistant) course which has introduced me to elements of monitoring anaesthesia. This will enable me to move on to becoming a Nursing Assistant.

Since leaving Walford College in 2022, I have spent 2 years learning on the job, growing in my role and creating great relationships in the workplace.

I thoroughly enjoy my job and look forward to any future opportunities and experiences.”

We are delighted with Ffion’s ongoing success within the industry. If you would like to follow in her footsteps, apply now to study Animal Management at Walford College this September.

ex animal management student treats a dog as part of work experience in a vets