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Carpentry & Joinery Level 2 Diploma

Level 2

Course code: G31E146
Type: Part Time
Duration: 36 weeks
Subject area: Carpentry & Joinery ,Construction
Location: Hereford
Apprenticeship available:

L2 Apprenticeship in Carpentry & Joinery (Site carpenter or Architectural Joiner Pathways)

Additional Costs - £290.00

This charge identified is applicable to learners aged 16-18 who qualify for funding. Learners aged 19+ will have to pay this charge and possibly tuition and exam fees. This will depend on the course and any prior qualifications. For further information, please refer to the fees page of our website

* Fees are chargeable each year and the fees quoted will be for the current year only, if the course is more than 1 year further fees will be due next year.

About the course

Building upon the skills developed at Level 1, this Level 2 course has two potential pathways: site carpentry or bench joinery. Both are delivered by experienced staff committed to helping individuals to achieve at their highest potential. These courses are challenging and predominantly delivered in a practical format.

Why choose us

We emphasise attention to detail, problem-solving and working independently – all key attributes required to successfully transition into skilled employment upon course completion.

What you could do next

Level 2/3 Diploma or Apprenticeship in Site Carpentry, Level 2/3 Apprenticeship in Bench Joinery, or employment in the construction sector.

Popular modules

• Health, safety, and welfare in construction

• Knowledge of building methods and construction technology

• Carry out first/second fix operations (site carpentry pathway)

• Produce/mark out setting-out details (bench joinery pathway)

Key facts


  • I Price, P Rees or C Prothero

Minimum Age:

  • 19+ to enrol on this course

Start Date:

  • September


  • Tuesday and Thursday


  • 18:00 – 21:00


  • Protective clothing and safety footwear required

  • PPE and relevant tools provided

Entry requirements

Completion of the Intermediate Evening Course or a skills test to prove level of industrial experience appropriate to the course.